Laser engraving

Are you looking for a way to label machine parts that are approved for food processing? Laser engraving is the ideal solution for permanent marking of many plastics - including food-approved plastic.
Laser engraving in black POM

What is laser engraving?


A laser for engraving works on a similar principle to a printer. The primary difference is that, where the laser printer applies paint, the laser-engraver removes a fine layer from the top of the material, leaving a durable texture that is especially suited to marking.


The cutting is below the surface of the material and cannot therefore be removed unless the entire surface were to be sanded or rubbed off. Laser engraving is pertinent in several labelling requirements, such as the marking and cutting of numbers, bar codes and type plates.


We offer engraving on plastic sheets as well as plastic parts. Since there is no need for foil or fixtures, laser engraving is an economically solution even when engraving only a small quantity of goods.


Laser engraving on food-approved materials


Laser engraving is perfect for permanent marking of many plastics including food-approved plastics since the engraving will not affect the FCM-approval. As a result, with laser engraving you can achieve a durable marking on plastic parts to be used in areas where the hygiene crucial.


We offer laser engraving with a high precision and contrast in both black and white POM-parts. The engraving in the black POM becomes almost white whereas the engraving in the white POM becomes grey. With it the engraving is easy to read, even when the engraving is small.


The white POM, we offer, is a POM LM (laser mark). POM LM is a modified POM with a special additive that enables the high contrast between the black POM and the light engraving.


Read more about POM here.

Laser engraving in white POM will make the text grey

Identification marking

Laser engraved signs are often used at type markings, identification markings, ID-markings, and other type signs.


For laser engraved signs or identification markings sheets are manufactured for the purpose. The sheets are composites from several raw materials in different colours and thicknesses. By engraving through the layers in different depths the signs can be made in different colours.


We offer materials for identification markings in a variety of colours and thicknesses and can also make markings in black, anodised aluminium, which is also well-suited for e.g. process diagrams.

Question and answer about laser engraving

What materials can you engrave on?

We primarily offer engraving on acrylic, POM (black and white) as well as veneer.

We have many materials in stock - ready for your next project

We have many materials in stock - ready for your next project

Sheets of acrylic in many different colours in stock

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