Assembly and packaging

Induflex is your one-stop shop. We can perform various tasks to give your products a touch of finesse before they are sent to one or more destinations – depending on your wishes.
Assembly worker is ready to help you with the last touch

From idea to finished product


Induflex is your one-stop shop. From design, construction and production to assembly, packaging and distribution. We package and send your products to one or more destinations according to your instructions.


We can also see the entire project through, from development, construction, purchasing at subcontractors', production and processing – to assembly, testing, packaging and logistics. And we can store your items.


We are flexible – also in relation to the final finish on your product and distribution.

Assembly worker mounts foil on a part in the assembly department at Induflex

Adding stickers or film


Our assembly department offers among other things:


  • Addition of screws/pins
  • Lamination of stickers
  • Film application


The collective processes offered by our assembly department are typically carried out by skilled employees – but we also make use of our ‘universal robot' to optimise individual settings.

An employee polishes a piece of acrylic manually with a polishing machine.
A piece of black acrylic is being polished manually using a polishing machine.

Polishing acrylic

We polish acrylics, because machining processes like sawing, milling and turning can result in a matt surface on the acrylic.


If a shiny surface is what you are after, we can polish to achieve a glossy lustrous effect.


We use various methods, depending on the geometry of the part:


  • Diamond edge polishing, which is suited to even sheet edges
  • Flame polishing is used on small, inaccessible surfaces
  • Manual polishing for large, easily accessible surfaces
  • Laser cutting, acrylic parts cut from sheets
A warehouse worker wraps transparent plastic products in the shipping area.
Transparent pieces og acrylic is being packed by a warehouse worker.

Customised packaging


At Induflex we can assemble, package and deliver an entire project as instructed by you. We deliver across Denmark and abroad.


For visual projects such as signs, podiums and other exhibition material, quality is paramount – there can be no scratches or damage. We therefore offer various packaging solutions to protect your product.


Do your parts have to be dispatched to diverse locations, such as for instance several different of shops?
We package to ensure good protection, irrespective of the manner of distribution.


Our company is geared to pack or wrap your parts for distribution and retail purposes.


Examples of packaging solutions:


  • Shrink-wrap
  • Labelling
  • Customised packaging

Our experience and flexibility ensure that we can find a solution that suits you and your project.


Packaging and assembly instructions


For projects that have to be assembled in diverse locations such as shops, we can compose and send assembly instructions as well as cleaning instructions for personnel.


If you would like a particular packaging or distribution method, we are ready to help.


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We have many materials in stock - ready for your next project

We have many materials in stock - ready for your next project

Induflex's inventory of sheets in technical plastics in yellow, white, black and blue

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