CNC turning of many types of technical plastics

Machining of plastics by CNC turning is one of our preferred production methods for the manufacture of bespoke technical and mechanical plastic parts.
Industry technician looking at a technical drawing of a machine part on a computer
A selection of drills for the CNC lathes at Induflex's production

By turning plastic, we can produce custom blanks, working from STEP files and drawings. Our CNC turning lathes allow us to make various machine components such as toothed wheels, flanges, rolls and drive arms.


Our machining workshop has capacity for both small and large production, as well as prototype production.


Find examples of different kinds of turned machine parts in our technical brochure.


Read our technical brochure


CNC turning of plastics


Processing plastics is a business that makes unique demands of the tools and methods employed. All our CNC lathes are specially adapted to turn plastic.


The greatest challenge in machining plastic is tension, which inevitably arises in the material.


To avoid this, tolerances must take account of expansion factors in the structure as well as water absorption. If this is not properly computed, the tensions make the plastic burst, crack or crumble.


When you order a plastic product from us, we assist you in the construction and choice of material, so that the end product will live up to your expectations.

Industry technician adjusts CNC lathe in the production at Induflex

Pure blanks

At Induflex, our production is pure and air-cooled. This means that the product will be free of residues and ready to use without prior cleaning.


Trained specialists


We are happy to encounter challenges! When you order a turned product from Induflex, it will be made by professionals whose specialisation is processing plastics. Your product is in safe hands, from the programming of the lathe to the manufacture of the finished item. A uniform high-quality finished product is assured – even with the more challenging of tasks.

CNC lathe turns a gear wheel in blue plastic with many serrations

Efficient CNC turning of your parts


We have capacity, from single pieces right up to serial production; we will always employ the most efficient process to make your product.


We are continually aware of and ready to develop new production methods, as well as to optimise our current processes. We will be happy to fine-tune your design and machine tools to comply with your requirements. You will receive the best quality, at the right price.

A box of different CNC turned parts with different surfaces

Questions and answers about CNC turning

How large a blank can be turned?

We turn blanks in a wide range of sizes from a few centimetres, to several metres. Contact us for more information about dimensions.

What materials can be turned?

We turn blanks in various types of plastic like acrylic (PMMA), PEHD, POM, PEEK and many more.

We have many materials in stock - ready for your next project

We have many materials in stock - ready for your next project

Plastic rods in black POM at Induflex's inventory in Støvring

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Sales Manager and industry technician talks about a part in the workshop at Induflex