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At Induflex, wedivide our materials into technical and creative plastics. Wedo this for the sake of clarity - to make it easier for our widely differentcustomers in many different industries to navigate the many different materials.

Technical plastic

Technical plastic is also called engineering plastic and cover a group of plastic materials most commonly used for items and structures that impose higher demands on technical and chemical properties such as fire retardant, heat and chemical resistance, toughness or mechanical strength. Because the technical plastic types have better physical and chemical properties than the more common types of plastic, they also often come at a slightly higher price.

·PA6 [Nylon]

·PTFE [Teflon]

·PETP [Ertalyte®]

·POM-C [Polyoxymethylene copolymer]

·POM-H [Polyoxymethylene homopolymer]

·PEEK [Polyetheretherketone]

·PC [Polycarbonate]

·PET [Polyester]

·PE HD 300 [Polyethylene High Density]

·PE HD 500 [Polyethylene High Density]

·PEHD 1000 [Polyethylene High Density]

·PE HD 2000 [Polyethylene HighDensity]

For technical plastic there is a number of additives used to imbue the plastic with special properties that can increase strength, wear, friction, self-lubrication and anti-static.

If you want a get little more in depth with the technical characteristics and the possibilities of machining of the different plastic types, you can send for our plastic matrix, here.

Creative plastic

Creative plastic covers a group of plastic materials that distinguish themselves by their visual and creative qualities rather than technical and chemical ones. 

With features like colors, texture, shine, light transmission, UV and weather resistance, creative plastic is often used for visual communication and design. 

· PMMA [Acrylic]

· PS [Polystyrene]

· PVC [Polyvinyl chloride]

· PP[Polypropylene]

· PET [Axpet®]

· ABS[Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene]

· EVA foam [PE foam / foam rubber]

Different types of plastic rods and item pipes


Acrylic in a myriad of different colours


Induflex A/S    

Hagensvej 25    

9530 Støvring

Tlf: +45 98 37 19 88

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