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Work environment

It is through our employees' qualifications, proficiency and efficiency that we ensure the company's continued progress.

It is therefore very important to us that our employees are happy and have the optimal conditions for carrying out their work. This means that all employees at all times have the information and knowledge required.

By the overall motivation, training and involvement of our employees in quality, work environment and environmental work in the company, we can work together for a healthy and safe working environment for all. Through this we can also prevent injuries and work-related illness.

We believe that we make the best of everyone when they feel safe, enlightened and comfortable at their workplace.

Green factory

Environment is an important part of our value policy. We will continuously reduce environmental impact and always ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

We will be an energy efficient factory and will continuously work to reduce energy consumption per. Tons of product, to a level that is as low as it is technically / economically feasible.

That's why we have taken on energy optimization and streamlining over the summer of 2017. In areas where energy efficiency is concerned, it is very much about replacing the equipment and appliances that are no longer contemporary - whereas the areas where energy optimization is concerned, it is more about intelligent management of the technical installations and the replaced equipment.

It's a huge project that involves the entire company, production and administration. Energy optimization includes replacing all lighting for LED light with sensors. In addition, installation of radiant heat panels for the purpose of recycling our process heat. The goal that our production and daily operation work optimally without unnecessary energy waste.

Regeneration & disposal

No forms of plastic should end  up in nature. Plastics is a resource that can - and must - be recycled to as high an extent as possible. That is precisely why we take all the necessary steps in relation to the disposal of residual materials and waste from production.

Material waste such as offcuts and residues is sorted into 7 different plastic types, all of which are sent for regeneration at one of our partners. We also offer our customers that they, with us, can collect plastic waste from items manufactured and delivered by Induflex, at no charge. From here we will ensure proper sorting and then disposal or regeneration.


 Please note!
When disposing of plastic waste, do not mix other materials such as paper, cord, plastic tape or other waste.

Chemicals in production are always disposed of according to the supplier's instructions and data sheets - as well as applicable laws and regulations. We always involve the latest technological knowledge in our efforts to keep our production and environment free from adverse environmental impacts.

Any odor and production vapor from the various processes is carried away through an integrated filtering process. This process involves dilution via a 20 meter high chimney. We will continuously keep an eye on improvement efforts, and will thus ensure pollution prevention.

Induflex A/S    

Hagensvej 25    

9530 Støvring

Tlf: +45 98 37 19 88

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