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Sales and delivery terms for Induflex A/S

The terms below apply for all offers, sales and deliveries, unless otherwise agreed.

1. Validity

Submitted offers are valid for a month from the date stated in the offer.

2. Prices

The prices, stated in the offer/order confirmation, are excl. VAT and delivery. The purchaser is obliged to accept price changes until delivery, due to possible significant price increases for materials, exchange rates, customs and taxes. 

3. Quantities

Induflex A/S reserves the right to deliver and invoice the ordered quantity with +/- 10%.

4. Drawings/files/fonts

Induflex cannot be held responsible for discrepancies between the drawings and files of the purchaser, e.g. pdf(drawing) and dxf(file).

Induflex basically uses the fonts on Induflex's computers and cannot guarantee that these correspond to the fonts of the purchaser, unless the purchaser forwards his own fonts prior to manufacture.

5. Modifications

It is not possible for the purchaser to require modifications made to the specifications of an order, if manufacture of the order has been initiated.

6. Delivery

Delivery ex works and without packaging, from Induflex's address for the account and risk of the purchaser.

7. Payment

Payment is due on the date, stated in the invoice as the latest punctual date for payment. In case of late payment, the penalty is 1.5% interest of the amount due for each month or part of a month, which the purchaser is obliged to pay.

8. Claims

Claims, due to deficiencies or defects of a delivery must be made immediately or 5 days after delivery at the latest. Return of goods is only acceptable upon prior notification.  

If the purchaser does not comply with the stated time limits, the purchaser may be deprived of his right to claims. 

Induflex cannot be held liable to give compensation for indirect loss such as deprivation, operating loss etc.

Induflex is not responsible for errors in documents of drawings, which the purchaser has failed to correct. Further, Induflex cannot not be held liable for errors and deficiencies, due to semi-finished products, delivered by the purchaser. The purchaser further bears the risk that the such semi-finished products are unsuitable for processing. Induflex responsibility for defects on the delivered items is limited to replacement of and compensation for defect items. Compensation cannot exceed the invoice value for the delivered items. 

Induflex cannot be held responsible for damages to products that contain parts manufactured by Induflex.

9. Special ownership

If the purchaser goes bankrupt, Induflex has the right to retrieve all items, not paid for.  

10. Copyright

Sketches, drawings, prototypes, as well as other development/design items, completely or partly developed by Induflex, are the property of Induflex, and must not be presented or transferred to third parties without prior consent of Induflex.

Induflex is not responsible for the purchaser's lack of legal right to drawings, pictures, designs or other rights that may be the property of third parties.  

In case Induflex is held liable towards third parties for violation of their rights, the purchaser is responsible for indemnifying Induflex.

11.  Force majeure

Offers are submitted and orders confirmed under the reservation of force majeure / irresponsibility. Thus, the seller cannot be held responsible for loss, due to e. g. fire, natural disasters, war, work stoppage, lockout etc. 

12. Jurisdiction and applicable law

All disputes are settled by the ordinary courts in Aalborg, Denmark according to Danish Law.

Induflex A/S    

Hagensvej 25    

9530 Støvring

Tlf: +45 98 37 19 88

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