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Plastics are increasingly used in the food industry - and not without reason. The advantages of plastic, compared to steel and aluminum, are excellent properties such as: 

  • 100% food grade material 

  • Low density 

  • Low friction 

  • Self-lubricating properties 

  • Short process in production 

All plastic items for the food industry are manufactured to the customers specific needs - whether you need one or several thousand units. The different types of plastics have many properties that can be beneficial in the food industry and production.

  • PEHD500/1000 is perhaps the most widely used plastic in the food industry. Great for wear by water & sand.

  • NYLON has toughness that can withstand high loads and pressure. 

  • POM has short process of production, antistatic properties and can withstand high loads. 

  • TEFLON is a relatively soft plastic material with extreme friction properties.  

Ejector arms, distributors, turnarounds, scales, gears - all produced in plastic! 

It certainly matters what plastic you choose for machine parts and components in food plants.

Our parts and components are produced in materials that are approved for food and thus secure for use in handling of food. Read more about our FDA (FKM) approval here. 

It is crucial to choose the right plastic for the right task. Benefit from our experience and advice. We have materials that can withstand most.  

Our materials meet the technical requirements:  

  • Traceability, either visual or metal detection 

  • Salt water & sand 

  • Cleaning w/ chemicals or steam 

  • Vegetable oils 

  • High & low temperatures  

Use our plastic matrix as a guide or contact us for personal advice on 

Phone: +45 98371988


plastic in the food Industry
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