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Acrylic is a material often used for lamps since the properties of acrylic gives designers more opportunities to achieve the expressions they want. Acrylic can come to the foreground as light guide - or stay in the background as a strong but light weight part of the construction.  

Our extensive experience in production and construction of lamps are grounded in partnerships with talented designers. Turning the ideas and visions og designers into reality has challenged and strengthened our craft. That's why we say:

You think it. We create it.  

Ellipse lamp - Osmund Olsen 

The Ellipse lamp is shaped as a full ellipse and includes 68 wings in 5mm laser-cut acrylic - sand-blasted on the sides, in order to capture and disperse the light. The acrylic parts are mounted on two plates, made of anodised aluminium, creating a fictional inner tube that disperses the light. At the top, the light is reflected from a plate of brushed brass with the logo and technical information laser-engraved into the surface.    

SWIRL - Le Klint 

The lamp series SWIRL is unique, not only because of the beautiful lines, but also the craftsmanship. Here at Induflex we have a penchant for SWIRL. In 2017 we assisted Le Klint in constructing GigaSwirl - the world's biggest Le Klint pendant lamp with a diameter of no less than two meters.
The inner, almost invisible, acrylic design adds lightness to the lamp and helps to disperse the light.

BIOTA - Gejst 

Biota pendant and table lamp from the Danish design firm Gejst. The lamp is inspired by the shape of the mushroom and it's inner lamellae. The three-dimensional shape is constructed of 2 mm acrylic or wood veneer laser cut lamellas. These lamellas are put together, almost like a 3D puzzle, in a self-supporting structure.  

CACHE - Le Klint 

The lamp series Cache is characterized by its fine pleat. The pleat is secured in an inner and invisible skeleton of laser cut acrylic. By using acrylic in the structure instead of metal, the adverse shadow effects was eliminated and the lamp's weight was significantly reduced.

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Ellipse lamp - Osmund Olsen
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SWIRL - Le Klint
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BIOTA - Gejst
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Cache - Le Klint

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