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CNC milling and CNC turning of plastic 

CNC milling and CNC turning of plastic 

CNC milling and turning (cutting process and CNC process) are Induflex's preferred methods for the manufacture of advanced plastic items. Almost all types of plastic can be processed in this manner.  

We only use this machining process for plastic. We have 6 CNC milling machines with capacity for large serial productions, and we further develop manufacturing methods and prototypes for our customers. 

CNC processing

The main issue with machining of plastic is enevitable tension. It is important to note the tolerance indications when processing plastic, since expansion factors and moisture absorption are higher than with other materials. Plastic processing sets special requirements for tools and processes. If handled incorrectly, tensions may lead to cracks or warps. Our machines have been optimised for plastic.  
Induflex does not process metal.

Machine parts of technical plastic 

The machine industry is the biggest purchaser of the tehnical plastic items, manufactured in our milling department. Simple items like a sheet with a round hole or advanced 3D prototypes. Many projects further require combined machining with e. g. laser cutting, glueing or thermo moulding, in order to create total solutions.  

An increasing part of the projects involve direct development or optimisation of existing solutions in terms of factors like weight and costs for manufacture. 


We manufacture products for the electronics industry within two fields: internal mechanical parts for devices such as holders, spacers, slippers etc. We often use CNC turning for quick manufacture of large quantities, but prototypes are also a significant part of the projects.

The other field is visible parts. Displays, front panels and light guides in clear plastic (acrylic, pvc, petg or polycarbonate). Often with subsequent polishing of the processed sides. However, we also manufacture items with visible processed surfaces (such as the telephone to the right).

CNC processing of plastic, approved for the food industry 

Plastic, which is manufacture for direct contact with food, requires testing and approval, and the suppliers must be certified by the food industry. The machining process also requires certification.  

CNC milling and turning are normally regarded to be processes that do not alter the effect of plastic on food. The plastic items are made by plastic sheets and rods, approved for the food industry (plastic, approved for the food industry, is referred to as food contact material or FKM) and are therefore suitable for food contact without separat certification. However, the items must be delivered with full traceability and a declaration of conformity.  

Induflex has since 2011 been certified as supplier of food contact materials. 

CNC turning and CNC milling at Induflex 

Not many machines are made especially for CNC milling and turning of plastics. Thus, the choice is between machines for metal or wood processing. 

If you choose the metal machine, you get a very robust machine that is too much "overkill" in terms of plastic. However, it works perfectly in terms of accuracy and vibrations.  

Machines for milling/turning wood are lighter and more "adequate" for processing plastic. These machines are further available with large processing areas.  

At Induflex, we use both machine types. For the manufacture of large machine parts, made of technical plastic and high requirements for tolerances, finish or cooling of items, we usually use metal machines. For lighter milling and turning of large thin sheets, we use the wood machines. 

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Induflex A/S    

Hagensvej 25    

9530 Støvring

Tlf: +45 98 37 19 88

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