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Acrylic jewellery

Acrylic jewellery - Manufacture 

Induflex manufactures acrylic parts (plexiglass) for jewellery for a long row of Danish and international designers. We usually start with the designer's idea and use lasers to cut the jewellery from clear or coloured acrylic sheets, possibly followed by engraving or hot bending.  

Please see some examples of possibilities below, as well as a few good tips if you aspire to become a jewellery designer.


Acrylic sheets, delivered in thicknesses 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 20mm. However, we mostly use 3mm for earrings and necklaces, since this thickness comes in numerous colours and surface qualities. The other thicknesses offer limited possibilities, but we often use 8mm for bracelets. Induflex is one of the only suppliers in Europe with a large selection of 3mm acrylic in stock including 40 different colours, making it possible to order a small quantity in the selected colour, without having to pay for transport of an entire sheet from abroad. Acrylic is also available as round rods in different diameters that are suitable for hot bending and ideal for the manufacture of charms. 


Laser cutting of acrylic sheets is usually part of the manufacturing process and is often the only process used. It is ideal for the manufacture of charms of only a few millimeters in diameter. 

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is principally a light laser cutting, just touching the surface (more about laser engraving). Laser engraving can often be conducted simultaneously with laser cutting, which makes it quite cheap, if only applied on one side of the acrylic sheet. We achieve excellent results with most coloured acrylic sheets, mirror acrylic and radiant acrylic. 


Acrylic turns soft when heated to 145 degrees, offering unique possibilities of moulding the jewellery into different shapes (here, a large-scale example). All you need is a furnace and a mould. Some jewellery designers do the moulding themselves, others make us do the job.  


If we are unable to find an acrylic sheet in the right colour, it is possible to apply an adhesive foil on one or two sides. The results of laser cutting are good, but it is not possible to heat mould the jewellery subsequently, since stretching of the foil is impossible. 


You decide on the design of the jewelley, but if you want us to manufacture your jewellery, we need a computer drawing. Most designers have their own computer programmes, but we also accept drawings/sketches made on paper. 

Drawing programme

Most designers start by making sketches on paper and create the final design on their computer. Then, they send the file to Induflex, where it is used to generate cutting programmes for the laser. Drawing on a computer makes it relatively cheap to purchase and modify finished pieces, ex. the Bee-line.

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Laserskåret akrylsmykke

Laser-cut acrylic jewellery

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