Water-jet cutting

With its 4000 bar pressure, a water-jet cutter can cut almost any material. We can deliver water-jet cut items to you in many materials.
Water-jet cutter cuts with jet of water in a insulating material

Water-jet cutting of many materials

Induflex aspires to be your total supplier. Besides cutting by laser and cutting or milling by blade, we can also cut a variety of materials using water or sand on water-jet cutter.


Water-jet cutting is a good way of supplementing laser cutting, cutting on a plotter and CNC processing. The water-jet cut is a cold cut which does not apply heat to the material and is therefore ideal for cutting flammable materials or those that do not tolerate heat.


A water-jet cutter pressure is up to 4000 bar and allows for precise cutting of several different materials. We have experience of water-jet cutting of materials like stone, shale, veneer, PUR/rubber, polycarbonate, foam, glass, leather, laminate and fabric.

The advantages of water-jet cutting

Cutting by means of a water-jet reduces machining, which also makes post-processing minimal.


A water-jet cut can also cut through laminates, where several layers are glued together, without displacing the layers.


Besides this, water-jet cutting allows us to incorporate contours, which is not possible with cutting tools.


In some cases, sand is added to the cutter for an abrasive effect. Sand allows cutting very compact materials.


Some water-jet cutters can drive two synchronous cutting heads. This means that it is possible to cut two identical objects in the same procedure, thereby speeding up the process.


We offer water-jet cutting of items with dimensions up to 1500 x 3000 mm.

We have many materials in stock - ready for your next project

We have many materials in stock - ready for your next project

Sheets of black technical plastics on a shelf at Induflex's inventory in Støvring

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