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Seminar on technical plastic

What are tolerances - and how are they specified on acrylic? What is thermal expansion? And what about chemical resistance?

A plastic seminar is based on the many advantages and characteristics of plastic - and the possibilities that processing provides.

To our customers, collaborators and partners we offer customized plastic seminars


Our seminars mainly deal with the advantages of plastic as well as the options that plastic processing offers. 

In manufacturing we often use additives to provide the plastic with special properties like; adhesion, lubricity, durability, releasability and strength. These properties are key in metal-to-plastic conversion. For most people it's surprising just how big a gain that can be achieved by converting metal components into technical plastic.

Furthermore, the seminar will provide guidance on standards, requirements and approvals within:

  • Food (FKM, FDA, EU 1935/2011)

  • Pharmaceutical (MT)

  • Fire protection (UL94)

  • Antistatic (ESD)


The seminar is intended primarily for design and development departments, but has also previously been used by Art & Technology students, including industrial design.

Since the organization takes place in collaboration with the individual customer and business, the seminar is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our plastic seminars are offered free of charge to our customers, collaborators and partners.

When and where?

The seminar takes place upon agreement and is conducted either at our domain - or yours. However, we do recommend a visit to our domain prior to the seminar since this provides the opportunity to go into detail and show the processes and materials, first hand. 

If you and your colleagues are interested in a seminar or want to know more, please feel free to contact us on:

Are you interested in a seminar or do you want to hear more about the possibilities please feel free to contact Head of Sales, Rasmus Hosbond +45 22 59 38 47 or send us an e-mail at

Our plastic matrix provides an overview of the properties of each type of plastic.


The plastic you choose is crucial for the strength of the structure.


We cover potential dangers of choosing the wrong plastic.

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