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Water jet cutting

With a water jet cutter we can cut almost all materials. The water jet cuts with a pressure up to 4000 bar. Cutting with pure water gives the nicest cuts and the best result in terms of tolerances. The waterjet can also have sand added in order to obtain an abrasive effect, making it possible to cut through even the denser materials.

Water jet cutting is our supplement to laser cutting and CNC machining, making us able to process alternative materials.

We have hands-on experience in water jet cutting stone, slate, veneer, PUR / rubber, polycarbonate, foam, glass, leather, laminate and textiles.

Our water jet cutter can run with two synchronous cutting heads, which means that it is possible to cut two identical items in a single process.

Our water jet cutters are from Germany and from the brand Waterjet STM 1530.

Water jet cutting is:

  • Eco-friendly processing
  • Free from heat effects
  • Free from tension effects
  • Free of geometric limitations
  • Suitable for any material

If you want to know more about water jet cutting, please feel free to contact us via e-mail 

Water jet cutting in textiles

Water jet cutting is possible in all materials.  

Water jet cutting in wood veneer

Induflex A/S    

Hagensvej 25    

9530 Støvring

Tlf: +45 98371988

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